Client testimonials:

“The Ecology Center staff and board really enjoyed working with Kim to produce our new video!  Kim is very easy to work with. He is skilled, he is a very clear communicator, and he has high standards.  We were particularly pleased that we were able to send folks to his awesome, local home studio in Berkeley to record interviews (super convenient and beautiful).  I really appreciated his responsiveness throughout the production process – he always took my feedback and made revisions very quickly. And, Kim’s patience is amazing – for example, I sifted through more than four decades of Ecology Center memorabilia and kept sending him new photos to include, and this did not drive him crazy.  We are so happy with our new video and highly recommend Kim!”

– Jacinda Abcarian, MSW


“An essential ingredient to a successful video is the client’s comfort level with the videographer so you can be yourself in front of the camera. With Kim behind the camera, I could relax because he really knows what he’s doing, and it felt more like talking to a friend than an intimidating camera crew. Kim was extremely supportive, warm, creatively flexible, and knowledgeable. No pressure, and a very enjoyable process in the end. He was also a great coach around planning the concept and script for the video, making that part much easier than it might have been. The other key ingredient is careful editing. Kim is an expert editor as well as communicator. There were no surprises, except pleasant ones, and he incorporated all of my requests. Finally, you need visibility and technical support. Kim set up my videos on Youtube for me, and is available for other technical assistance if needed. Overall, a great experience for a reasonable price. I genuinely couldn’t recommend Kim Aronson more highly for your video project”.

– Abigail Surasky, L.Ac.


“I’m so very happy that I hired Kim, not only because of the wonderful video he produced but also because of the wonderful experience of working with him. First, Kim took the time to thoroughly understand my program and what I wanted to accomplish in the video. He quickly became as passionate about the project as I was and became a cheerleader, partner and adviser rolled into one. Next, Kim told me exactly what I’d have to do, what he would do and when, and how much it would cost. He was true to his word to a fault.

After I sent my proposed script, Kim gave me feedback that was just the right mix of specific, creative and true to my vision, along with a touch of gentle tough love that I certainly needed.  On the day of filming, Kim took care of everything with skill and good humor; he made everyone feel relaxed, happy and valued. I was able to focus 100% on what I had to do because I trusted Kim 100%. Speaking of 100%, during editing, Kim was beyond patient and remained enthusiastic through my umpteen requests for changes. Here’s a quote from his email after I’d told him we were done and then changed my mind: “I’m very happy to work more on it. I want you to be 100% happy.” And I am! If you’re on the fence, set up a meeting and see for yourself”.

Barrie J. Roberts
Mediation as a Second Language


“Not only is Kim Aronson an experienced and skilled videographer, he is a dedicated, flexible and creative partner. I often write pieces for Bay Area Bites about immigrants’ food stories. On several projects, Kim and I worked together coming up with novel solutions for each challenge, whether it was techniques for interviewing subjects with accented English speech or even Deaf diners conversing in sign language. Kim never forced any one solution on me but suggested several options which we mutually agreed upon. It was wonderful to have a collaborator who respected my vision while adding his own unique wisdom and talents”.

– Anna Mindess
Freelance writer, author, interpreter


“Working with Kim was a complete delight. He’s got such great energy and is so good at what he does. I hired him to videotape one of my workshops to market online and I simply loved the end result. He has great technical ability and aesthetic sensitivity. He is also wonderful at making you feel at ease in front of the camera and made what felt like a very daunting project feel very doable.
He was also very proactive and really held me accountable to make sure I provided him with feedback in a timely manner so we could complete the project. Loved working with Kim and highly recommend him!”

– Martha Zlatar
Artist Success Coach
ArtMatch. Minding Your Art Business


“Kim Aronson is the Real McCoy.  He is passionate about his work, professional, clear-minded, creative, and technology-driven.  We’ve hired his company for two projects and have just retained them for a third.  Kim combines has years of experience.  Moreover, he is a great human being.   Live visual communication is the future to reaching an audience.  I couldn’t recommend him more highly.   Call me and I will tell you in more detail.”

Bradley Mart
CEO, Frylow


Kim is a delight to work with. We have been collaborating on video projects for quite a few years now and no matter how challenging the assignment, Kim’s positive attitude and can-do approach ensure that the finished product is a success; from long feature, fully edited case studies, to voice-overs and short video snippets formatted for presentations and trade shows – Kim is always my agency’s go-to-guy!

Mette McCall
Owner, McCall Media


“Kim was a great help to us with a key element of our website project. We needed short testimonial interviews with a wide variety of people. It entailed dealing with many personalities and handling sometimes difficult scheduling challenges. Kim was always very flexible and professional. He was particularly good at making people feel at ease and drawing the best out of them. We were very pleased with the quality of the finished products. I would highly recommend Kim for any kind of video production project”.

– Christopher Gibney
Point Richmond, California


“Working with Kim Aronson was a wonderful experience. Not only was Kim very friendly, responsive and really listened to my questions and ideas, but he was also quick in working them into the videos. He is a real expert in filmmaking who knows his craft, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Kim.”

– Flora D.H. Ojanen


“Simply put, Kim is a pleasure to work with. Whenever we have projects for him, he’s very responsive to our requests, and at the end of the day, time and again he produces the quality of work we need quickly and at rates that accommodate our budget. Would highly recommend anyone in the Bay area looking for a videographer to contact Kim”.

– Akanke
GuideVine Onboarding Specialist


Kim works hard to understand my objectives; creating videos that meet those objectives surpass my expectations. Kim is an Artist who is very easy to work with, patient, and takes the time to get it right. The work he has done for my law practice is of the highest, most professional quality.

Mark Zeller
Mark Zeller Law Offices


“Kim is a video artist. He took the time to really listen to me so he understood exactly what kind of content I wanted.  At the same time, he seemed to know intuitively what type of look and feel I needed for my first video.  The editing and technical end were great too. I highly recommend Kim.”

Jeff Bradt
Founder of Fit@50


“Kim is no-nonsense, but friendly, a great value, and very good.  He has quality equipment and is an intuitive producer.  Bring him the production idea, and he’ll show you how to keep your production tight and on budget.  Very clean audiovisual workmanship at an entrepreneur’s pricepoint”.

– Mr. Isaac


“Working with Kim was a treat. He was professional, creative and great at directing and producing my videos. I’m so glad I hired Kim and I’d do it again”.
– RC Peck, CFP



Here are some of the people, companies, schools and
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