Bringing Your Passion Project to Life! 

Most people have a passion.
Some people take that passion seriously.

If you are one of those people, I am here to help you tell the world about what you love, and what you do.

I want people to be moved by what moves you.
I want to make sure that your Passion Project has its highest impact. 

Contact me to set up a free session where we can explore ways to tell your unique story.

Below are some examples of Passion Project videos I’ve made.
The last video is about my own passion–bringing stories like yours out of the closet and into the light!

Examples of passion project videos:

Former model turned author and activist Nikki DuBose, was in San Francisco to challenge
Whole Foods Co-CEO John Mackey to stand up for child sexual abuse survivors and speak
about her role in the Omnibus Child Victims Act in the state of New York.

Enjoy this video where Rosy introduces a Wisdom Keeper (reflecting the archetypes of Insight and Epiphany),
and how she got her inspiration. (Think hybrid of Edward Snowden, Steve Jobs and Ira Glass!)

Quynhtessence Poetry: An Anthology of Poetic Flows

Making tiny caboose homes for the homeless

David Dodson Speaks to Entrepreneurs About Connecting Lifestyle, Business, and Happiness!

My own passion video. Telling peoples story:
Recently, I invited a few random (yet wise) people from my neighborhood onto my front porch for a talk about life.
Come have a look. You just might enjoy what emerged out of our conversations as much as I did.